I am Lori Mier. 


I am a Wife. A Mother to one son, earth side. A daughter. A sister. And an adoptee.


I am a sunrise mountain hiker and a Star Gazer. 

I am an Ecotherapy Guide, Life Coach, and a Published Author. In March, 2020 I co-authored a personal transformation and spirituality book. At the same time I was publishing my first children's book, Merin And Her Very Bright Star: A Story of Resiliency. Taking photographs on my sunrise hikes is a passion of mine. My healing nature photography has been published on the cover of AT Journeys magazine as well as in Blue Ridge Outdoors and local travel brochures.


My degree is in Social Work. I am a Listener. And a lover of community. In 2019 I, along with my husband, created the not-for-profit program, Through Hiking, for young adult foster youth & social agencies. And under the leadership of Black women, I am daily trying to engage passionately to do what I need to do to help dismantle systemic racism.

I am the creator and owner of my own story. I love masala chai tea and sunrise hikes with my son. I believe that each one of us is on a healing path and that each one of us has a very unique part to play in the healing of our world. 

I have a level 2 Ecotherapy certificate from The Earthbody Institute in Berkeley, California. What is Ecotherapy? The short answer is: "Healing with nature in mind". It is an applied practice that emerged from the field of ecopsychology. Ecotherapists believe that people are connected to the natural world. There is ample research to show us that nature has beneficial effects on our mental, physical and emotional well-being. Our work guides us to support others in re-connecting to the natural both inside and outside of us. It also guides in practicing reciprocity. Like nature, we are vast beings. We are nature. In our lives we continually find ourselves at new thresholds to cross, and my passion lies in helping others cross those thresholds.


I believe that Ecotherapy and Coaching have the power to transform us, this has certainly been true for me. In this work I add in personal Coaching to help women explore and clarify their own path and to focus on goals around living more authentically. I received my Coaching certification, August, 2020 from ICU Coaching Academy