"This book will shatter glass ceilings"
-Shandra Thompson

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"As the children of the world cope with great loss from the pandemic, [this] book is timely and invaluable" -Susan Bro

Why did you have to leave?

At that age, she did not know how to miss them, and now, she does not know how to remember them. 

Find out what the star taught her.

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Meet the team:

Written by Lori Mier

Illustrator Ethan Roffler

Designer Jeff Burns

NBE Publishing Firm

RISE Organization


Why this book?


Is resilience both learned and innate? MERIN And Her Very Bright STAR: A Story of Resiliency, is a children’s book by author Lori Mier that could be a tool for talking about self-awareness, grief and loss, coping, therapy, developing relationships, and nature healing and connection. 


Lori feels that there should be more nontraditional books about grief. Grieving is a part of life as water is to our bodies.

This beautifully illustrated book shows children that it is okay to grieve. Merin shows us just how powerful it is when we connect to the natural world and connect with one another, that what is lost can be turned into something found, and that each one of us is on our own unique path of healing.


This is a story taken from the author's childhood, set in Minnesota, where she grew up. As a child, Lori began talking to a star each night believing that her mother and father could hear her. Her earliest discoveries about what it means to be on a healing journey are written on its pages. Article from The Citizen about Lori's story.

Merin shares with us her deep and innate connection to the natural world and shares with Mrs. May, her counselor, her secret. She learns how she is resilient. Her journey is one of a deep and magical process of growth.


Merin And Her Very Bright Star is a picture book for EVERYONE. It is perfect for children in the early grades, and as a tool for parents, teachers, school counselors, social workers, grief counselors, and therapists. It is about witnessing grief, identifying resiliency, knowing empathy, self awareness (kids have it too), and community. One nine year old reader shared that MERIN was relatable to them because their friend had moved away, also sharing how they coped with this loss. We are powerful when we share our wisdom. This book will shatter glass ceilings in those conversations between children and adults when the awareness comes and the reader is the expert. Let us witness and support the need for our children to grieve and to heal. Please read the disclosure.

Watch the virtual book launch.


Custom made sketchbooks, much like the one Merin carries with her everywhere she goes, are available in the shop. Children can sketch their own 'bright and beautiful things' for themselves and with the option of posting online with the hashtag #projectmerin.

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