Broken Crayons Still Color: Life After, featuring 6 Virginia Authors and Visionary Author, Stacy Bryant, is

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"That ugly part of your story is going to be the most powerful part of your testimony.”
Get ready to be inspired and motivated by these 35 amazing souls who are powered by purpose. Broken Crayons Still Color: Life After, is an amazing tell all testimony that covers overcoming a place of brokenness and living to continue to color vibrantly. There are stories of childhood trauma, surviving sexual abuse, domestic violence, racism, and confidence, plus much more. 

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I still color

I longed for anyone that would help me begin to witness first and then bury that loss or any of the losses that came before or after the fatal accident so that there might be something left about me that was good to know... I am not special in my pain or my healing, but I have known that I am the owner of my story for a very long time. It is what I have seen as the innate wisdom in myself since I was a child. -Lori Mier, Chapter: Dim Stars


We Still Color