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For Women Only 


Ecotherapy + Coaching 

  • Coaching Call $65 (30-60 min.)

    • During coaching calls we will explore Ecotherapy and coaching goals. 

    • There will be exploration assignments between coaching. 

    • Coaching calls to debrief after hike(s) and reflect on your Ecotherapy/hike ritual 

  • If you choose to develop your own hike ritual and ask that I accompany you for support, the prep work will require a $125 payment before each hike. 

Is Ecotherapy + Coaching right  for you?

Ecotherapy + Coaching is intended to support you through a life transition, and/or help you in seeking purpose, self-awareness or self-discovery. I hope you will recharge, go deeper into authenticity, and find support while creating a nature ritual.

I offer what I know. This means I am able to share my own experiences in creating an Ecotherapy ritual unique for me. It means that I can coach you through what you already know about what your needs look like and how to begin putting in motion your goals. I will bring out the social worker inside of me to assist you in goal setting and seeking resources.


Maybe you already feel deeply connected to nature and just need support and accountability with personal transformation. Maybe you wish to both deepen your nature connection practice, and re-imagine your path. Are you standing at a threshold? Wherever you are on the path we will work together to identify self-limiting beliefs, create achievable goals and invite nature to be a co-guide. I show up for you. To witness, hold the container, ask powerful questions, and assist in exploration. We will explore ritual, reciprocity, joy and nature play. You will be heard. You will be held accountable to your personal growth in a loving and kind way. You will commit to taking action steps toward the authentic and creative life that is calling you. You will find that you are able even when there is stress, overwhelm, or sadness in the world.

You must have a degree of skill and knowledge of hiking if you wish for me to accompany you on your hike(s). And you must do the prep work and pay the fee prior to any hike. I encourage sunrise and sunset mountain hikes as I find this is the most sacred time to commune with nature, connect to our purpose and celebrate another day; however, this is my path and yours might be different.


Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.


General Terms:

Privacy & Confidentiality

Should you choose to subscribe to my email list your email address or other identifying information that is shared with me on this site or in person is for the sole purpose of communicating with Blue Mountain Path Coaching. Your personal information is not disclosed or sold by me to third parties. You may unsubscribe at any time. I will adhere to confidentiality at all times. 

Payments & Scheduling

You will receive an invoice from Blue Mountain Path Coaching, LLC prior to each scheduled coaching call and prep work for outdoor activity. Payment will not be refunded, but may be rescheduled for up to 6 months after initial payment if you follow the cancellation policy below.

Late payments may delay scheduling outdoor sessions and coaching calls, suspend services from Blue Mountain Path Coaching, LLC, or terminate the agreement.

All contracts are binding. Commitment from you is a requirement just as I will commit to you 100%. I agree to provide the products and services outlined above.

Payments can be made by check or online via Square or PayPal.

You are obligated to ensure that all sessions are scheduled within the 3 month period for the packaged program. Should you need to reschedule a coaching call or prep work for outdoor activity you may do so by providing 48 hours notice in advance of your session. If they are not cancelled 48 hours in advance you will not be eligible for make-ups. 

You will initiate the scheduled coaching calls through email/telephone/online communication and will call me at (540) 892-6200. You will be notified if the contact number changes.


Ecotherapy + Coaching is not therapy. Both can be paired with therapy but neither are to be used as a substitute for mental stability or medical matters. Referrals outside of coaching can be made. 

I have a lot of experience hiking but I am not a hiking/wilderness/backpacking guide;I am only offering you the prep it will take to lead your own Ecotherapy practice/hiking ritual outdoors. If you ask me to come along on your hike for support you will need to sign a Liability Waiver. 

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