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"This story wasn't just about the loss, it was about the redemption and path to healing... Learning to heal the hurt from past hardships is a timeless and powerful message that everyone has to learn at some point in their life." -reader

"Merin's heart shines through in this gentle story that is about so much more than just the experience of grief and loss. This is a book about our very humanity and what it means to be present in our experiences, relationships and sense of connection to the world around us; a gift from this author to children and adults alike." -reader 


"A heartfelt story of loss and resilience from the authors direct experience. Merin loses her parents when she is three years old. She struggles with the juxtaposition of missing them yet not remembering who they are. Merin seeks answers to impermanence hoping that this will fill the void that she feels.  She takes comfort in the predictability of the evening star that she sees every night and finds comfort in the natural world. The character of Merin teaches children that they are not alone and is a beautiful example of moving forward from loss even without finding all of the the answers. A comforting and relatable read for those who and grieving. It is also a Segway to introduce children to the benefits of therapy and the healing power of the natural world." -LPC/Ecotherapist


"This book couldn't come at a better time. I believe everyone of every age should read it- it's both a slave for deep wounds and a path forward. It honors our pain and teaches  resilience. It shows, using nature as a guide, that we are not broken and that nothing is ever truly lost. Merin and Her Very Bright Star should be used by therapists, school counselors, educators, and parents everywhere." -reader

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