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This story wasn't just about the loss, it was about the redemption and path to healing... Learning to heal the hurt from past hardships is a timeless and powerful message that everyone has to learn at some point in their life. -Ethan Roffler

Merin's heart shines through in this gentle story that is about so much more than just the experience of grief and loss. This is a book about our very humanity and what it means to be present in our experiences, relationships and sense of connection to the world around us; a gift from this author to children and adults alike. -reader 


This book couldn't come at a better time. I believe everyone of every age should read it- it's both a salve for deep wounds and a path forward. It honors our pain and teaches  resilience. It shows, using nature as a guide, that we are not broken and that nothing is ever truly lost. Merin and Her Very Bright Star should be used by therapists, school counselors, educators, and parents everywhere. -reader

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