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"As the children of the world cope with great loss from the pandemic, [this] book is timely and invaluable"
-Susan Bro

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Why did you have to leave?

At that age, she did not know how to

miss them, and now, she does not

know how to remember them. 

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Why this book, why now?


Is resilience both learned and innate? This was the question in the heart of the author's mind while writing. Themes included in Merin And Her Very Bright Star: A Story of Resiliency are self-awareness, grief and loss, coping, therapy, developing relationships, and nature healing and connection. 


Lori feels that there should be more nontraditional children's books about grief and healing. She is on a mission to normalize grief, healing and having hard conversations. It is not resilience Lori wants to normalize, especially when we speak of it in a social context. Resilience is never the end goal. 

This beautifully illustrated, 32 page book, shows us that it is okay to grieve and confirms for us how powerful it is when we connect to the natural world and connect with one another. Merin will leave you believing that what is lost can be turned into something found, and that each one of us is on our own unique path of healing. 


This is a story taken from the author's childhood, set in Minnesota, where she grew up. As a child, Lori talked to the evening star believing that her mother and father could hear her. Her earliest discoveries about what it means to be on a healing journey are written on its pages. More on Lori's story in this article from The Citizen.

The publishing team for this book came together authentically. Lori met RISE Organization in Waynesboro, Virginia when she joined their anti-racism book club and then met New Beginnings Publishing through RISE. Lori continues to work alongside of RISE in their education programs, political action team, and more. Visit the organization and NBE links above.


This picture book is for everyone. It is perfect for reading with a child. Parents, teachers, school counselors, social workers, grief counselors, and therapists will find that it is has a gentle nature with big themes- witnessing grief, identifying resiliency, knowing empathy, healing, self awareness (kids have it too), and community.


When reading Merin, children and adults alike have shown that they are eager to have these conversations. Powerful questions, stories, and connecting on a basic human level has happened at every school visit. We are powerful when we share our wisdom. This book will shatter glass ceilings (as quoted by Shandra Thompson) in those conversations between children and adults when the awareness comes and the reader is the expert. Let us witness and support the need for our children to grieve and to heal. Please read the disclosure.

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