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MERIN And Her Very Bright STAR
A Story of Resiliency
A nontraditional children's book about grief

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Why did you have to leave?

At that age, she did not know how to

miss them, and now, she does not

know how to remember them. 


A heartfelt story of loss and resilience from the authors direct experience. Merin loses her parents and struggles with the juxtaposition of missing them yet not remembering who they are. She seeks answers to impermanence and takes comfort in the predictability of the evening star that she sees every night. The character of Merin teaches children that they are not alone and is a beautiful example of moving forward from loss even without finding all of the answers. A comforting and relatable read for those who are grieving. It is also a segue to introduce children to the benefits of therapy and the healing power of the natural world. 

Adrienne Epley Brown, LPC Ecotherapist


Midwest Book Review:

As a grief counselor helps her and Merin discovers her imagination is an acceptable approach, young readers receive an evocative, compelling story that follows Merin's ongoing resilicency as a process rather than a singular revelation, unlike so many books about grief. 

D. Donovan Senior Reviewer


"As the children of the world cope with great loss from the pandemic, [this] book is timely and invaluable"
Susan Bro

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