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"Lori, wow what can I say about her? So many things. She listens. She’s caring. She loves people. She wants to support you! I couldn’t say enough great things about her. Lori will be an amazing coach. She has all the background, work experience and life experience to coach you to the next level."


"Lori brings a tender, kind presence to the space she inhabits while holding stories of herself and others with strength and dignity. She invites genuine curiosity as she listens and reflects back what she sees. I have experienced her as safe, thoughtful, and visionary. Her virtual presence is engaging, as well, which is especially important during this time of social distancing. I look forward to more coming from Blue Mountain Path Coaching and Lori!"


"When I first understood the concept of eco therapy, I was skeptical. I thought, I don’t need therapy. But eco therapy isn’t counseling among the trees. It’s a therapeutic hike with visualization activities and sensory stimuli to encourage mindfulness and self care. Lori has utilized hiking as a space for gratitude towards nature, separate from the concerns of daily life. I found that marveling at the richness of moss, the intricacies of a leaf bug, and the view of receding mountains was a rewarding experience. Lori not only introduced me to outdoor stress-coping techniques that I can use at home, but guided me through the smatterings of rock scrambles, so that I can return with my family. I would recommend an eco-therapy hike to everyone who is interested in immersing themselves in nature more often."

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Blue Mountain Path Coaching offers unique healing experiences to include Life Coaching, healing nature photography, a personal transformation book, a children's book, author visits, a grief and healing program curriculum, and a unique nature based experience for women in the Shenandoah Valley who wish to reconnect with nature while also receiving the personalized support and accountability of a coach. To learn more about Lori click here.

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